Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a story of love: leaving amsterdam 2

so as i said before, it is time to get out of there, for now there is no turning back. and every time i called my father to tell him to send me to this other uncle i have in paris, he said no and no, but i couldnt stop at nothing, i told him if he sent me to have a better school education and better deploma, he should sent me to a country that i can speak their language, not sent me to a random country, where i can not study the language there, and if i want to come home to my own country with a deploma, don't he think it is a wise do study in the language education of my own home? After to much talking a long 2 months, he finally said yes, + the money would be cheaper in france, even the airplane ticket. With the blessing of god, that what happenned, i will fly to paris and start over, the funny part i didn't even start to start over. i was so young and all the event are blurey and i don't recall every thing that happenned, only the head lines. but i do remember this, my uncle not understanding why im leaving him, he gave me a good house, good place to study, he gave me good allowance to buy whatever game or dragonballz cards i desire. and yes i keept in touch with my uncle these few years i lived after amesterdam, but he never understood why? To tell you the truth, i am glad i left amesterdam, if i didn't my life would be different. but god thought it is to live this life, with the drama, and happiness and every thing i lived through. so at age 9 and half i find my self standing in france airport '' CHARLES DE GAULLE'' that is the name of the airport and hello my next 2 years of life.

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