Monday, March 18, 2013

the eye trick

i already got alot of people calling me a liar every time i try to talk about this stupid leaving, and i learned that people wont believe the hard, and they will believe any thing that their eyes can see, even if it is a illusion, people will believe it, we all heard the stories about people who got lost in the desert and they see water, and in the end they end up eating the sand, thinking it is water, so much stuff i cant even begin to count, our eyes sometime trick us to believing somthing isn't there, like ufo... speaking of which if there is advanced people or avanced thing any there, they wont just observe us, they will show them selfs, look at our advanced nation, the more advanced, the more stuff you need to stay at that stage. any way aliens didn't show them selfs, in my mind there is 2 reason, either are the most advanced people in this universe or aliens dont exist, you can pick any reason because i dont care less about aliens. Dikart talked about this, about the 5 senses in the humain can trick you and now after around 300 years i say the same words and peobably alot of people will say: you are wrong! meh whatever, next post i will talk about how i left anesterdam, netherland

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